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RESOURCE: Measuring Student Success


By Hannah Alford

A federal committee of the Department of Education has been charged with developing a set of measures to assess the success of community colleges. The members of the Committee on Measures of Student Success met earlier this month to pound out an earlier draft of…

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UNO Community Declares 'This I Believe'

We’re doing this again this year!!

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News Archive | Inside Higher Ed

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"Liberal arts majors may start off slower than others when it comes to the postgraduate career path, but they close much of the salary and unemployment gap over time, a new report shows.

By their mid-50s, liberal arts majors with an advanced or undergraduate degree are on average making more money those who studied in professional and pre-professional fields, and are employed at similar rates. But that’s just one part of the paper’s overall argument that concerns about the value of a liberal arts degree ‘are unfounded and should be put to rest.’”

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UNO Community Declares 'This I Believe'